DIY Glitter Heels.

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DIY candles make for great favors. Make your own 50-hour candles for less than 2 dollars a piece. You can even add scents and color.

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DIY Gift Wrap found on Grey Likes Weddings.

So the DIY is for the center row image on the left, the adorable fabric pom. It’s SO freaking cute, I only wish I had thought of it myself. Plus, it’s like…ridiculously easy. Here’s the goods:


1-2 yards of ribbon in various tones, about 2″-3″ in width
Miscellaneous material, such as burlap, knit sweaters, etc…

1. Cut several pieces of ribbon in 3″-5″ increments, depending upon desired size of your finished pom. Do the same with material, sweaters and burlap.

2. Make a large stack, alternating each color and type of material. Using your twine, tie a very tight knot around the center of the entire stack.

3. Cut your ribbon into smaller strips, keeping the center uncut. Separate and pull strips apart to make your completed pom!

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DIY Matchbooks by Papermade.


matchboxes (ones in the tutorial are from Ralphs)
kraft paper (or any color or decorative paper you plan to use)
computer/printer (if you plan to print out your design)
Cutting Mat
scissors/razor blade
glue stick (or tacky glue)
bobby pins


Step1: Design the front and back images and insert the images into a Word document and create a template. This takes some trial and error to make sure everything is aligned properly. You can use my Word template as a starting point.

Step 2: After the images are printed, use a ruler and razor blade to cut out the strips (leave a little more room width-wise to make sure there’s enough paper to cover the original matchbox cover). I also made a simple window template out of cardstock so I can measure the length of each strip. You may be able to create gridlines in your Word template but this is how we made ours.

Step 3: After your personalized matchbox cover is cut out, unfold the original matchbox cover (a hairdryer does help this process).

Step 4: Use a glue stick to apply adhesive to the original matchbox cover. Then, line up your personalized cover with the original cover (making sure to line up the top edge as close as you can).

Step 5: As each matchbox slightly varies in width, it’s important to leave a little more room when cutting out the strips. At this stage you can go back and cut out any additional paper visible.

Step 6: Apply glue using a glue stick or tacky glue to the bottom of the strip and glue back together the matchbox cover. (I used bobby pins to enforce the glue and let it sit over night.)

Step 7: After the glue has dried, insert the box of matches back into the cover and ta-da! Your very own personalized matchboxes!

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Cute DIY wedding ideas :)

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DIY Dip-Dyed Candles.

Tools and Materials

  • White pillar candles, assorted sizes, $3.50 to $10 each,
  • Bleached beeswax beads (for melting), $13 for 1 pound,
  • Double boiler or slow cooker
  • Vegetable peeler or knife
  • Crayons, in various colors
  • Wooden spoon
  • Taper candle
  • Ceramic plate or baking sheet

1.  Place wax beads in a double boiler or a slow cooker, filling about a quarter of the way. Melt wax, adding more chips for a higher wax line.

2. Use vegetable peeler or knife to shave bits of crayon into wax (totaling about a quarter of a crayon). Stir to blend. Let any bubbles settle, and dip a taper candle into wax to test the color (once beeswax dries, it can be broken off, so you can use the taper for the next batch). Add more shavings for darker color. Remove wax from heat.

3. With a slow, even motion, dip base of 1 pillar candle to the desired height. Hold candle in melted wax for 5 to 10 seconds; remove, and set candle, tinted end down, on plate or baking sheet to dry (once wax hardens, the candle should be easy to remove). If making multiple candles, return wax to heat as needed to maintain proper consistency.

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Bridal Fabric Hair Flowers.


The wedding and Pinterest world has gone ga ga over the gorgeous floral hair accessories from Mignonne Handmade. And is it any wonder? Just take a peek at their beautiful, golden beige, handmade flower comb made from hand dyed silk organza:

You can buy this hair flower as a comb or clip via their Etsy store for $72.

Another Etsy find, for brides on a tighter budget, is this darling chiffon flower clip from The May Flower a bargain at just $7.

They’d also make lovely accessories for your bridesmaids and can be made especially for you in the colours of your choice. Perfect.


Or go the DIY route with this fabulous tutorial from those crafty folk over at Project Wedding. They sure know a good DIY idea when they see it! With simple (and pretty) step by step instructions, this tutorialshows you how to make your own light, airy, floaty flowers.

Chiffon and/tulle fabric squares, a needle and thread, scissors and a piece of card are all you need to get started.

The finished flower (s) can be attached to a clip, hair comb or to a velvet ribbon to create a pretty belt.

Check out the full tutorial here.

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DIY Washi Tape Ideas.

Who knew masking tape could be so versatile?!

image via pink suede shoes

From perfectly wrapped gifts to creative wedding crafts, all you have to do is choose what colour / pattern you’d like and away you go!

Where to buy oh so pretty washi tape:

Cute Tape

Wishy Washi

Happy Tape

Washi Tapes

Top 10 Washi Tape Wedding DIY Ideas

Here are a few of my favourite wedding related washi tape crafts from around the blogosphere:

1. Washi tape flag garland and seating flags via Project Wedding

2. Washi tape decorated vases via A Creative Mint

3. Washi tape invitations via Mer Mag

4. Washi tape clothespins via Whisker Graphics ~ perfect used alongside this amazing clothespin boutonniere DIY tutorial from Anna Lee Company!

5 – 8. Martha Stewart is a washi tape goddess! Check out her votive decor, interactive guest book, favour boxes and drink flags (along with a whole host of other bright and summery DIY ideas).

9. Cupcake banner  via I Do It Yourself ~ perfect for escort cards or favours.

10. I’ve saved the most unique till last…

Today Anna Lee Company are sharing their fantastic DIY washi tape favour boxes ~ they’re easy as pie to make, just how I like my DIYs.

DIY Washi Tape Favour Boxes by Anna Lee Company

We created handles on guest favor boxes. These cute boxes came from Paper Source but any small box would work for these. To make the handle, tear a piece of tape, making it about 3 inches longer than you want the actual handle to be. Tear a second piece of tape, making it shorter than the first (closer to the actual desired length of the handle) and center on the first piece of tape. You will now have a strip with about an inch and a half of exposed sticky tape on either end. Cut these ends on the diagonal and attach to your favor box.

These would look so great on hooks or hanging from trees for your guests to take.

I think they’d also make wonderful confetti cone holders hung over the backs of chairs too.

Check out Anna Lee Company’s blog for lots more washi tape crafty goodness! They also created a washi tape mini flag garland and washi tape cupcake flags / drinks stirrers.

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Wedding Cake Stands: Buy or DIY?

Vintage Plate Cake Stands

Vintage plate cake stands are perfect for scrumptious treats at bunting clad, village fete style weddings. Pop an array of pretty cupcakes on them, a small cutting cake on top and you’re good to go.

All you need to decide is whether to BUY or DIY…


I’m loving these delightfully mismatched options from:

I Love Retro via Not on The High Street at £29.95 ( $45) and Vintage Home Art via Etsy at £45 (£70)


I discovered a fantastic vintage plate cake stand tutorial over on Rock My Wedding for those of you who aren’t afraid to get busy with power tools. I just adore the china blue and white ‘matchy matchy’ ness of it all, don’t you?

Check out Rock My Wedding for the full tutorial.

Pedestal Cake Stands

Want to show off your cake? Raise it up high with a pedestal cake stand!

In case you’re wondering, I got mine from John Lewis. It was a simple, white, porcelain stand and it’s been in the box ever since the day after the wedding! (I’m not much of a baker.)


How gorgeous is this dusty pink beauty from Sweet and Saucy Supply? It’s £47 ($75). What a way to make a statement and display your wedding cake to full effect!


This wooden DIY option is just as pretty but bear in mind it doesn’t have such a sturdy base. This tutorial by Tori Jayne is so beautifully laid out and simple. There are no power tools necessary! Just a bread board, candlestick, glue and paint. That’s it.

Check out the full tutorial over on Torie Jayne’s lovely blog.

So, you know what’s coming next…would you BUY or DIY your wedding cake stand?

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Festive DIY String Lights.

I’ve seen some pretty darn cute DIY projects involving string lights ~ here are my top 5:

Rustic rattan ball string lights:

via Crafty Butt (yes, there really is a blog called ‘crafty butt’!)

Romantic, feminine tissue paper string lights:

DIY or Don’t via Sparkle And Hay

Geometric cube string lights:

via Wit And Whistle

Adorable Dixie cup string lights:

via Hey Gorgeous

Now, Anna Lee Company have come up with a super creative (and super simple) DIY string light project perfect for the festive season and beyond…

Christmas Ornament String Lights!

Clear ornaments are the perfect size to attach to string lights for minimalist, chic decor at parties, weddings or just around the home ~ yet another stroke of crafty genius by Kelly and Jodi of Anna Lee Company!

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DIY Aisle Runner

If you’d like to try out this DIY idea for your wedding, here are some tips:

Zara explained “I wrote this on my knees, bum in the air :) Be sure to write it on a flat surface and remember to cover the surface used because the paint comes through the material.”

Instead of black material, you could use adhesive chalkboard roll and chalk pens. But check with your venue that it’s ok first, they may be wary of sticky marks. If so, you could apply to the chalkboard roll to large lengths of cardboard first so that the adhesive is not directly applied to the floor, then trim the visible excess.

Either way, make sure you or a member of your bridal party have a test run to make sure it’s not slippery for your grand entrance!

What To Write?

~ The groom could write a special message to his bride.

~ The guests could write messages to the bride or to the happy couple {a guest book on a grand scale!}

~ The lyrics to a special song.

~ A religious or meaningful passage or poem.

~ Something funny, sweet or cute like an arrow pointing to your partner saying ‘This way to wedded bliss’ or ‘The beginning of forever’.

Do you have any more suggestions? What are your thoughts on aisle runners?

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A DIY cupcake tower video. Very simple, quick and inexpensive!

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materials for making a cupcake cake stand

Cake boards: 1×8″, 1×10″, 1×12″
Note: If you want two more tiers on the stand, you will need 1×14″ + 1×16″ cake boards.

Styrofoam cake dummies Each 2″ high in the sizes: 2X6″ and 2×7″ (If you can get 4″ high Styrofoam cake dummies, then you will only need 1 in each size)
Note: You will need 2×8″ 2×9″ Styrofoam cake dummies for two more tiers.

Satin ribbon, enough for both cake boards and the Styrofoam cake dummies
Thick paper
Glue stick or double sided tape
Craft glue
Strong double sided carpet tape
Metal pins
A pair of scissors
A pencil

Step 1:
Start by glue the Styrofoam cake dummies together. So they can dry completely.
cupcake cake stand

Step 2:
Take the satin ribbon, and fasten it on the cake dummies with a metal pin. Then wrap it tightly all the way around the cake dummies.
Note: you can also glue the ribbon on the cake dummies if you like, just use a glue stick.

Step 3:
Secure the satin ribbon with a metal pin or a small piece of double sided tape. Continue with the rest of the cake dummies.
cupcake cake stand

Step 4:
Place the cake boards on the paper and with the pencil draw a line around the cake boards. Cut out the paper circles with a pair of scissors.
cupcake cake stand

Step 5:
Rub the glue stick all over the cake board and place the paper circles on top.
cupcake cake stand
cupcake cake stand

Step 6:
To attach the satin ribbon around the side of the cake boards use either a glue stick or double sided tape.
cupcake cake stand

Step 7:
Now it is time to assemble the cake stand. Use strong double sided carpet tape so that the cake dummies stays in place on the cake boards.

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Towers are such a fun way to display your cupcakes, but I know – it’s one of those things you might not want to invest in, or you might forget about it until the last minute and need a quick fix… or maybe you’re just really good with a glue gun and want to make your own! Well, I just found a fantastic step-by-step tutorial at Annie’s Eats. Annie came up with this method herself for her son’s birthday party and says it takes about a half hour to put the whole thing together.

The basic supplies include styrofoam discs (or another wide, sturdy base), soup cans, cardboard cake circles, and some paper and ribbon. So simple – so crafty!

Check out the full tutorial and lots more step-by-step photos at Annie’s Eats!

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Crafty DIY wedding on a budget!

Anyone who has planned a wedding knows that a $3,000 budget for a wedding ceremony and reception with 250 guests is pretty much unheard of. However, bride and groom Ali and Chris prove that it IS indeed possible, if you’re willing to get a little bit crafty. Last summer, Sarah Christine Photography captured the couple’s marriage at a private ranch in Wyoming, with a wedding party of six bridesmaids, five groomsmen, four flower girls and an adorable ring bearer sporting a big cowboy hat. 

Now, how did the couple pull off such a beautiful wedding while abiding to such a low budget? Ali and Chris embraced the wide open field venue and kept the DIY (Do-It-Yourself) wedding decor sweet and simple. The bride purchased her wedding dress on eBay, and gave each of her bridesmaids a DIY canvas tote bag and satin coat hanger with her name on it. Guests were welcomed to the wedding ceremony with a crafty wooden sign directing them to “Love,” “Reception,” “Heaven,” “Ceremony” and “Joy,” and given a DIY ceremony program fan and a small packet of tissues labeled with, “For your tears of joy.” The couple’s largest budget expense for the ceremony was the chair rental to ensure all 250 of their guests had seats!

The bride and groom’s reception was hosted nearby in a large tent (another one of their significant expenses), with a homemade dance floor that was surrounded by bales of hay and strings of lights. Additionally, the couple and their families kept the wedding reception budget low by cooking all of the food served themselves (via Safeway). As for the decor, Ali embraced a sweet, rustic centerpiece theme using mason jars and milk glass vases holding wildflowers and roses in her wedding colors, soft pink and ivory. Guests were given antique mason jars with wooden utensils as favors and water bottles with special DIY nutrition labels for a serving of, “One Happy Couple,” made up of “Love,” “Happiness,” “Commitment” and “Respect.” 

DIY, low budget wedding in Wyoming and Colorado
Cheap budget wedding with DIY projects in the late summer
Low cost wedding ceremony and reception for 250 guests
DIY wedding decor, favors and wedding party gifts
DIY wedding on a budget in the summer

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